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Monday to Friday: 7.00am - 7.00pm


I’ve just injured myself – when is the most appropriate time to ring for an appointment?

If you’re unsure, call the clinic and our staff will discuss the details of your injury and get a Physiotherapist to call you back to help you plan your next step. Often, therapy commenced earlier results in better outcome, so we recommend that you don’t hesitate to call.


Is there parking available?

Yes, free parking is available out the front of the clinic, with a Disabled space conveniently located near the entrance to the building.

Will I have to walk up stairs to get into the clinic?

No. Entry is street level. Should there be any issues concerning access to the clinic, please contact our reception, and we will find a solution.


Your Physiotherapists tour with National Teams. Will they still treat my sore knee, even though I’m not an athlete?

Absolutely. Regardless of your activity levels, our Physiotherapists enjoy using their skills and expertise to assist you and other members of our community seeking to access our quality services.

How long does each treatment last?

Our treatments are structured so that you receive one on one attention by your therapist; no client juggling. A standard Musculoskeletal consultation is 30 minutes and the initial requires 45 minutes, however you may be asked to remain a little longer to practice your home exercises in a semi-supervised manner to ensure you do these correctly to compliment the goals of hands-on therapy to ensure you make gains between sessions.

Given the often complex nature of these conditions, Neurological and Vestibular consultations are longer, requiring between 60-90 minutes, and follow up appointments between 30-45 minutes in duration. All ELITE physiotherapists endeavour to adhere to their schedule, however in some circumstance, a small delay may occur. If you need to leave by a certain time, please alert our reception team upon arrival.

Do I need a doctor’s referral prior to seeing a ELITE physiotherapist?

No. You only require a doctor’s referral if you have been referred to our service under the following:

We have great rapport with the local GP’s and Specialists, and if we feel that you need further Medical investigations, we will correspond with your doctor or specialist.